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Dental implants — almost the same as your own teeth?

Well, that’s not entirely true. Dental implants only replace the dental root. Together with single implants or replacement teeth supported by implants, they restore a person’s ability to chew, and provide a firm bite and comfort that are comparable to that of your own teeth. The benefits compared to conventional methods are indisputable:

  • Better appearance
  • No further loss of teeth due to bone loss
  • No need to remove portions of adjacent teeth for the insertion of bridges
  • No speech problems

We have many years of experience in implantology and have a high rate of success.

Zirconium oxide implants can also be used in place of titanium implants. Using this non-metallic material reduces the amount of metal in your mouth — and zirconium oxide is also virtually allergy-free. Furthermore, due to its white colour, it helps to achieve an aesthetic effect that cannot be equaled. When combined with a all-ceramic denture, it allows the natural translucency of the teeth to be restored.

We use digital x-ray and modern 3D technology in our planning work, which guarantee a perfect outcome!

We provide you with a comprehensive brochure to answer any further questions you may have about dental implants. We would be pleased to advise you personally, if you may have any specific concerns. Feel free to contact us!


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