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Good dental treatment at affordable prices

Healthy and beautiful teeth are nowadays part of being socially accepted.

It is the mission of our team of approximately 50 dentists and ancillary staff to provide professional dental care in all areas of dental medicine. We can offer our patients effective and cosmetically pleasing dental care at the cutting edge of dental medicine, depending on individual requirements and financial resources. With our recall system, we help to ensure that patients’ own teeth, implants and dentures remain in good condition with regular professional tooth cleaning.

Last but not least, we take special care with children and with patients with dental phobia. Using appropriate treatment methods, we help ensure that patients leave with a positive impression and can return without fear.

Based on the positive comments of many patients, we have been named among the top 500 dental practices in Germany in the dentist rating portal www.zahnarzt-empfehlung.de. This recognition confirms and encourages us to further develop the work we do.

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