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ABC of services

Medical history questionnaire
For your own safety, it is important that you tell us about any changes in your health. You can download a copy of our medical history questionnaire from here. Please bring the completed questionnaire with you when you come for your appointment.Babies
If you are unable to find a babysitter, this is not a problem. You can simply bring your child with you. The practice also provides nappy-changing facilities.Appointments for busy professionals
Sometimes it is difficult for professionals with a busy schedule to fit in appointments for dental treatment. If you need extensive dental treatment in particular, we are happy to offer you longer appointment times to reduce the number of visits.Disposable toothbrushes
If you wish to freshen up and brush your teeth once more before seeing the dentist, you can obtain toothbrushes from reception.

Coffee-making facilities and mineral water for refreshment are available in the waiting area. You can simply help yourself.

You can also buy gift vouchers for dental hygiene and whitening. Just ask for a voucher.

House calls
If you are unable to come to the practice in person, we can visit you in your home for simple treatment and check-ups.

Internet in the waiting room
If you would like further information about our practice or simply wish to check your emails, surf on the internet or rate us, you can use our internet terminal in the waiting room. You can try it for yourself.

Children’s play area
There is no need for children to get bored. We provide children’s books, crayons and toys for their entertainment.

To provide stress-free dental care, all the rooms in our practice have air-conditioning. This helps create a pleasant treatment environment and helps our team to concentrate, especially on hot days.

Courtesy vanity area

If you would like to freshen up after your treatment, we provide a courtesy vanity area.

Reading glasses
Something you might easily forget to bring with you. We provide a range of reading glasses of different strengths for your use in the waiting room.

Cold pads
We provide free cold pads and pain-killers your way home. If problems persist, you can also contact us out of hours on our emergency number.

You can also listen to music during your treatment. Just bring either your mp3 player or headphones with a 3.5 mm jack with you.

Emergency service
An out-of-hours emergency service is available. Call on 0911 / 588883 – 55 or go online for the current emergency service rota.

You can park in the designated parking spaces in front of the practice or free of charge on the street.Dental hygiene shop
In consultation with our team, you can buy the right dental hygiene products for your use at home within the practice. We only offer products that our team members like to use themselves.Denture cleaning
Ensure your dentures remain comfortable, attractive and functioning perfectly by regular cleaning. We offer a thorough cleaning for €45.Payment by instalments

Good dental care may not always fit your budget. Our practice is happy to offer payment by instalments. Just talk to us.

Recall service
Regular check-ups and dental hygiene are essential for your dental health. We are happy to include you in our appointment reminder system and will contact you in good time.

Pain therapy
Please call if you are in pain. We will arrange an appointment for you at short notice. An out-of-hours emergency service is also available.

As a mother-to-be or recent mother, you need to know how to care for your teeth and those of your infant. We can provide you with advice and information. A personal consultation would be even better. Contact us and arrange an appointment.

Text message reminders
If you wish, we can send you a text message reminder in good time for your next appointment. Simply leave your current mobile number with us and we will do the rest.

We have a range of newspapers and magazines to match your interests. Our waiting area offers current newspapers and magazines to suit all tastes.

Insurance comparison
The FINANZtest consumer magazine and the Waizmann-Table provide comparisons of current dental health insurance rates. As the evaluation criteria differ, there are discrepancies in the respective comparisons. The FINANZtest, for example, does not consider dental prevention services.

The on-site dental laboratory
If you require changes or small repairs to your dentures, you can generally wait for them to be completed in the practice itself without having to go very far. You can also conveniently match the colour of your teeth to the available colour range for dentures directly from the dentist’s chair.

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