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Orthodontics for adults

An increasing number of adults seeking to improve their teeth opt for orthodontic treatment. It may not only be a matter of wanting to improve the general appearance of their teeth, but there may also be good functional reasons for having orthodontic treatment, e.g. to create optimal conditions for prosthetic care.

Orthodontic treatment can be given at any age. A wide variety of options are available to ensure that treatment is not visible. Use is made, for example, of tooth-coloured braces, braces or wires on the inside of the teeth or, as a specific procedure, of Invisalign – transparent guards for inconspicuous teeth realignment.

These transparent, removable braces are virtually invisible plastic guards, called aligners, that are changed every two weeks and give the teeth “direction”. Each aligner is a custom fit. This allows the step-by-step realignment of the teeth until they are finally in the position sought by the dentist.

You can even admire in advance how your new smile will look. This is made possible by the 3D virtual treatment plan that shows you the individual treatment phases.

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